Resume... of sorts

current residence: san francisco

countries visited: australia, austria, belize, cambodia, canada, england, france, greece, guatemala, hungary, india, italy, mexico, new zealand, spain, thailand, turkey, vietnam

national parks hiked: arches, bryce, canyonlands, death valley, grand canyon, rocky mountain, pinnacles, sequoia, yosemite, zion

alma mater: university of michigan

degree: philosophy (arguably the most relevant liberal arts degree obtainable)

current & previous roles: data scientist, analytics evangelist, partner program manager, digital advertising consultant, website testing & design consultant, restaurant owner

irrelevant skills: public speaking, stand-up comedy, skiing, photo processing, self-teaching of other irrelevant skills

photographer. analyst.

photography is my hobby, my passion, and my primary creative outlet. 

my work - digital, web, & app analysis - is a close second on all counts.

you're welcome to contact me via linkedin or the form below.





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